Luck is must and it can be created 

We see great legends getting better and better by the time . There are champions there are winners but do you know why only MS DHONI manages to finish games in very critical stage , why his ball gets an edge and give him a lucky boundary between keeper and third man ..Do you know when Messi makes a silly mistake in timing and still manages to goal ! How 

Today I want you to know that luck is the biggest X – Factor and it can be created .The bucket of fortune can be filled by hard work . As everybody know ”the more you sweat in practice , the less you bleed in combat ”

Someone having better luck  than you is acceptable but there is no excuse for someone working harder than you ! If you want to win you gotta push yourself . You got to sacrifice . Word hard ! Push your ass off and believe you are child of God and he will turn your fortune 

You don’t need blessings to have good luck , if you want fortune to favour you ,start working like anybody will just dream of 


5 thoughts on “Luck is must and it can be created 

      1. Just be aware of Karma. What you give is what you get. Take control of your life by giving what you want to get. This means that to get everyone to read this, then you will need to read the articles of everyone. I would suggest begin more modestly. Read, Like and Comment on 100 articles from 100 different people and see what happens. 🙂
        Kindness – Robert.

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